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Looking Back:, 2004-2021

December 2, 2021 LauraWattenberg 5 min read 6 Comments

This week, my old website was shut down by its new owners. I’d like to take this moment to remember the site, what it accomplished, and what it meant in my life. It was November 2004. My new book The Baby Name Wizard was just months from publication, and […]

The -S Surname Master List

October 13, 2021 Namerology 1 min read 3 Comments
Master Lists of baby names that fit a style

For full-tilt surname style, you can’t beat an -s ending. The -s is a fashion amplifier, accentuating the gruffness of a name like Briggs, the urbanity of Eames, and the old-school formality of Jennings. These baby names offer a fresh sound with traditional roots, and their popularity is soaring. The […]

The Baby Name Color Wheel

September 21, 2021 LauraWattenberg 2 min read 6 Comments
color wheel

Many babies share their names with colors. But which colors?  What color names are given most to babies? Do American baby names span the rainbow? And have our hue choices changed over time? These seem like straightforward questions, but color usually takes a backseat to other word-name themes. The problem […]

Beyond the Stats: a Hidden World of Names

September 6, 2021 LauraWattenberg 3 min read 5 Comments
Curtain being pulled back to reveal names

There are far, far more names than we imagine. Last year, over 30,000 different names were recorded in the US national baby name statistics. Yet those stats only include names given to 5 or more boys or girls in a single year. What about the ultra-rare names? How many names […]

These Names Were Once Hidden Gems. What Happened?

August 27, 2021 LauraWattenberg 2 min read 1 Comment
Header image: "Namerology Trends"

It’s the ultimate baby name dream: a name that’s stylish and appealing, yet undiscovered. In my Baby Name Wizard books I try to unearth these hidden gems. My “Why Not?” category lists names with the ingredients for popularity that have somehow slipped under the fashion radar. I submitted the first […]